Welcome to Free Tattoo Design

Let's introduce myself:
I am Anneke, and I loved drawing since I was a kid. Especially tribal style, like the ones you can find on this website if find very interesting to draw. I got some good and positive reactions from the people around me and even people asked me to draw their personal tattoos for them. This is why this site is online right now. A place to share my design for everyone to use and enjoy.

I want to invite you to look around and get inspired by the drawings you see here. Maybe there is one just right for you! You can use whatever you like for, its all for free. If you want to do something in return, you can tell your friends about this site and let them discover my designs too.

If you decide to take one of my tattoos or if it inspired you for another tattoo, I would love to hear from you. You can use the contact form to write me a message.

At the moment I am not drawing personal tattoos on request anymore since my time is limited. But who knows, maybe you can inspire me to start drawing personal tatoo designs again.

So can I use your designs on my website?

Sure, you can use the designs in anyway you want. The only thing I ask for is that you give some credits to the designer. So if you decide to use any of my designs on your website, be sure to link back to this page.


Have fun! Be Inspired!